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Now what remains of the Old School Cartel – Germans make a standoff and show off their caravan in San Luis Potosí challenging the CJNG – .

After the confrontation in Villa Magna between security elements Y an armed group It is presumed that the latter they would be the ones who started showing off their arrival at SLP in a video and they will end up running when they confronted the Security Forces.

A video was released where several are appreciated subjects with long weapons aboard vans located by the side of the road, apparently in the Libramiento or the Periférico Ring near the Horizontes and Villa Magna subdivisions. allegedly members of the Los Alemanes Cartel and Vieja Escuela Zeta they say out loudpure old school”, while another male voice mentions “these are caravans (…) here we are for the topón”.

This video coincides with the arrival at San Luis Potosí of the group of the War Operation of the Jalisco Cartel New Generation (CJNG) reason why the Sicarios who remain from the small group of Los Alemanes began to challenge the Sign of Mencho.

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