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On a farm in Tlaquepaque they find a clandestine grave

The “Searching Mothers of Sonora” brigade was carried out, in the search for clues to find their relatives, they found a clandestine burial point, on the farm located on Santa Mónica street, in the Micaelita neighborhood in San Pedro Tlaquepaque, it is not the first time that remains have been found in this place during one of the visits to the state of Jalisco, this was announced by Cecilia Patricia Armenta, who is a representative of the group.

“This farm was undergoing an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office where more than 20 bodies had been located in March, so, if they had 15 days to be able to do this work and see if there was still a possibility that there were more bodies, then that is the concern and the annoyance, that we are making visible the bad work done by them”, said Cecilia Patricia Armenta, founder of the collective ‘Searching Mothers of Sonora’.

The activist Ceci Flores explained that they received an anonymous call informing them that there were bodies inside a farm located at the crossroads of Santa Mónica and Santa Rita and the Micaelita neighborhood, so they immediately mobilized to the point, realizing that there were several bags with human remains.

“We found a large pit, we only managed to count five black bags, but below there is still much more and we left two pits that did not allow us to continue processing because they quickly cordoned off and did not let us work on them and we do not know what we could find, “said the activist Ceci Flores.

Likewise, he denounced that during the search carried out by the group in the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga this Saturday, where they located human remains, they received threats to stop their search for the disappeared.

He indicated that it is not the first time he has received threats, however, they will resume their search efforts this Monday in the municipality.

“They persecuted us, harassed us and made us give up the search in Tlajomulco, we came to this place and we were digging and found remains and that is why we came back and continue fighting because that is what they want us to feel intimidated and stop search”, mentioned Armenta.

They asked the authorities to do their job so that it is not the groups who have to continue doing what corresponds to them.

It was this Saturday when the “Searching Mothers of Sonora” and Mexico began the search for missing persons in Jalisco, later they will go to Tijuana, Sonora and Sinaloa.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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