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One more murder in Tenancingo, man dies of four bullets

In Tenancingo the murders are added, recently the discovery of the body of a 30-year-old man was reported, at his home, inside a grave.

According to data from the authorities, this man could have been murdered as a revenge of alleged criminals, since next to the body a cardboard was found with a message that said: “this is going to happen to all the yeleros extortion rats and to all the who pretend to be us, FM”.

A relative of the deceased arrived at the home to visit him and it was when he found the lifeless body that he immediately notified the police.

The MP reported that the victim had at least 4 bullets in different parts of his body and possibly they tried to bury him clandestinely, but they did not give them time, as he was found in a grave without covering his body.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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