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Order of skincare products

Apologies, for the length, but I’d appreciate some help.
Hello, I’m 50 and have suddenly become aware of how many products are available now. I’m completely overwhelmed. I currently use the Elemis cleansing balm, followed by an Elemis toner, then Bobbi Brown eye cream and Bobbi Brown moisturiser. I use the same products morning and night, though at night I also use some Judith Williams rose oil and the Decleor rose d’orient balm. I take my makeup off with the Bobbi Brown makeup remover. I also use a Judith Williams cream on my neck and décolletage. I confess to being rubbish SPF wise. In the summer I usually remember to use the Bobbi Brown primer with SPF 50, on my face, but have read that SPF products can be problematic with makeup product, so haven’t investigated further. I need help in this area.

At 50, my skin feels well moisturised. But obviously, I’m getting older. I have terrible bags under my eyes, poor health doesn’t help those. The skin there and on my eyelids is stained. That’s obviously the wrong word, but it’s badly discoloured. My neck’s getting iffy and none of my skin is anywhere near as tight as it used to be! I have some wrinkles at the corners of my eyes and a few lines elsewhere, but nothing too terrible.

I’d appreciate some guidance regarding serums of things like vitamin C, collagen, hydrochloric acid and retinol. I’ve bought a few beauty boxes and have some vitamin C serum and a collagen moisturiser and am happy to buy some hydrochloric acid and retinol serum. But it what order do I use everything? Apologies again for the length, but I thought it would help to be thorough.

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. I would start with one new thing at a time just to see how your skin reacts, too much new product might cause issues and you won’t be able to isolate the culprit.

    General rule of thumb is lightest skin care (serums) to heaviest (moisturizer, face oil).

    I think you mean hyaluronic acid, which is a great way of sealing moisture in your skin. Just a note, on its own Hyaluronic acid doesn’t really add moisture, it acts more like a seal, so you shouldn’t be putting it on dry skin.

    Use retinol only at night and start out slowly, once or twice a week until your skin adjusts. There might be a phase of some flaking, peeling. Also keep in mind if you do use retinol, make sure you wear sunscreen as it makes your skin that much more sensitive to the sun ( I personally don’t use retinol in the summer time).

    An example of morning routine:
    Vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, eye cream, moisturizer sunscreen.

    Night time:
    Leave your face slightly damp from washing, hyaluronic acid, retinol, eye cream, moisturizer, face oil.

    Good luck!

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