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Outfit ideas for long legs?

I’ve always had long legs all my life, and I’m very skinny. It’s always been a huge insecurity of mine because people would always comment how I’m “nothing but bones”, “as thin as a pencil” blah blah, I knew I was always lanky growing up, I always struggled to put weight on. It would always hurt when someone would comment on my weight.

I’ve reached a point now where I’m trying to embrace my skinniness or “lanky-ness”, rather than hide it wearing baggy clothes. I’ve always worn joggers and tracksuit bottoms, so I don’t really know where to begin?

I would LOVE if someone has any outfit ideas for us long legged people! And any website recommendations for nice but cheap clothes? I would like to try a sophisticated/feminine look. I want to feel boss-ass walking down the street, finally comfortable in my own skin!

Sorry if this is a silly post, really just hoping for some advice, thanks in advance 🙂

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
I have been reading and writing for over 20 years. My passion is reading and I would like to someday write a novel. I enjoy exercise and shopping.


  1. Leighannsays* on YouTube and Instagram is tall and skinny and shares her outfits often. I am sure she’s got a good catalog of try-on, declutter, and haul videos that might be helpful.

    *edited for spelling

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