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Outrageous! Butcher shoots a dog with a pellet gun

A video circulating on social networks caused outrage among users, because in said recording a butcher shot a little dog with a BB gun.

According to local media, the attack would have occurred in a butcher shop located in the Valle Sur neighborhood, in Atlixco, Puebla.

According to witnesses and those who recorded the video, a butcher observed that a dog entered his premises. When trying to scare her away from the place, the butcher shop employee shot her with a pellet gun.

Apparently, the puppy was unconscious, the butcher took advantage of this to take it by the tail and then put it in a truck, which was driven by a young man and another man who quickly left the place.

According to users, this would not be the first time that said butcher shop staff has attacked or injured puppies on the street.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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