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Pascual and Elvia arrested, implicated in the kidnapping and murder of a young woman and her daughter in Apatzingán, Michoacán, there are four detainees – .

after they were arrested A Man and a Woman, father and daughteralleged involved in the murder of a woman and her daughter in Apatzingán, were presented before the Control Judge who will define their legal situation; With this action, four people have been arrested for these events.

In this regard, it was reported that the detainees are Paschal “N” and elvia lizeth “N” –father and daughter-, of whom there is evidence of their possible participation in the crime of aggravated kidnappingwhich occurred on September 26, in this municipality.

During the investigations carried out by the Specialized Kidnapping Combat Unit (UECS) it was possible to establish that, on the appointment day, the victims were traveling aboard a Kia van, sould, White colorin the vicinity of the Colonia Floridawhen Miriam Monserrat M., contacted some people to inform them that he had collected money. From that moment on, the whereabouts of both were no longer known.

The same day, the husband and father of the aggrieved, started getting calls phone lines in which was threatened with attempts against the lives of the victims, if you did not make the payment of a large sum of money, which was agreed and finalized during the early hours of September 27; however, these they were not released.


For fear that the mother and daughter were in danger, on September 28, the kidnapping was reported to the UECS, which undertook the corresponding investigations to establish their whereabouts.

It was not until the 29th of that same month that, after receiving the report of a double homicide, Specialized Crime Scene Unit staff (UEEC), moved to the Tres Coalcomán street in the Bugambilia neighborhoodto carry out actions in relation to the case, confirming that it was Miriam Montserrat M., and his daughterwho, according to the necropsy, died as a result of asphyxiation by strangulation.

During the research work, it was possible to establish the participation of Daniela “N” and Itzel Alejandra “N”, as well as that of Paschal “N” and elvia lizeth “N” the latter, arrested on October 3 for a different crime.

Father and daughter were presented before the Control Judge who will be in charge of resolving their legal situation.

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