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Please help my facial hair is getting worse and worse and I can’t afford professional laser

Ever since I (F24) was little I have always had thick dark hair all over and I used to get teased about it a lot. I started shaving it because I didn’t know what else to do and I swear it grew back thicker and stronger. Now, my stomach and breaststroke have even more hair that grows on them than my bfs chest and stomach. My face starts growing back out the same day I do it. It’s so impossibly hard to me to maintain I’ve tried waxing and Nair and shaving it still comes back so quickly and I just feel like giving up but then I get so insecure that people are staring. I work with your kids and some of them have made comments. I have done several quotes for laser therapy but none are in my price range. Is there any at home laser treatments people have tried or any other solutions? I’m so close to giving up im so tired. Picture attached is me now after shaving literally this morning.

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. Hi. Have you ever heard about Polycystic Ovary? This are one of the symptoms.

    Try consulting a endocrinologist and a gynecologist, and also doing some exams.

    This can be something hormonal that can be fixed with good food, exercise, good sleep, less sugar and contraceptives.

    But you’ll need medical advice for the last one.

    Try the others and also, try wax ou another epilator method.

  2. I have the same issue. I have pcos though..I get hormone treatment from my doctor, that’s basically just strong birth control pills. But it stopped the process of getting even more hair growth in my face. (Also helped me with acne btw)

    To combat the hairs that already developed, I use home laser. The Braun silk pro 5 to be specific, and it works soooo good! I used to be very hairy all over. Now I never even shave my legs! And it helps a lot with the facial hairs too! But when you use the laser you shouldn’t pluck the hair, only shave it and laser once a week.

    I see you have as pale skin as me so I believe it will work just as good for you as it did me. Good luck!

  3. Talk to your doctor and get some bloods done. This might be a hormonal thing that can be dealt with through medication. Also, I don’t know if it’s in your budget, but there’s a cream named Vaniqa that slows down hair growth which is used by women with hirsutism (the fancy word for having more hair than usual). Good luck!

  4. I have PCOS and have the same issue (mine is a neck beard with some spiky friends on my chin). Once I was diagnosed with PCOS my family doctor and I started me on hormonal birth control to up my “female” hormone levels. When I’m on the right dosage I noticed the hair growth of my face and some body hair slowed down significantly! I forget the name but there are also prescription topicals to help with facial hair as well.

    But first things first: Facial hair is normal in most women and it doesn’t make you less beautiful. Secondly, make an appointment with your GP and ask for them to do a blood test on your hormone levels to see if there might be underlying medical conditions. Best of luck sweetpea

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