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Please read /r/beauty rules before you post, especially if you’re new to Reddit

We get a lot of questions in the mod inbox that are already answered by the rules below. This post will be stickied for those that can’t see the rules on the side bar.

If you’re posting from a new reddit account and wondering why your post/comments aren’t showing up, please refer to rule #4.



**1. NO SPAM.**

**NO spam allowed.**

Becoming a spam-free subreddit is a work in progress. If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, you already know how difficult it is to keep spam out of [r/beauty](

No blog posts. No Youtube videos. No promotional websites. No Porn. NO SELF PROMOTIONS, especially without the mods being involved! NO SPAM ACCOUNTS. Yes, some brand accounts & Porn accounts count as spam too.


**2. Self posts and pictures are allowed so long as they’re your own content.**

Self posts and pictures are acceptable, but they should be your own content if possible or useful to the community.

Self posts do NOT include self promotional blogs/websites/products (Rule 3).

NO PORN. Self promotional or not, this is not an 18+ subreddit. PORN WILL RESULT IN AN INSTANT BAN.

*Youtube videos are not permitted for now but the community can have a vote if there are enough mod messages requesting them.*


**3. No blogs! They count as spam.**

No blogposts/promotional websites. Product posts are iffy but okay as self posts, such as from a consumer, NOT a marketing department (refer to Rule 1).

For example, if a user finds a production works really well and would be useful for someone else, that’s fine. If someone is trying to directly sell something, they are spamming the community.

*Until we can find a way to prevent spam more efficiently, blogs will be banned until further notice.*


**4. Account Age and Karma Restrictions for** r/beauty

[r/beauty]( receives a LOT of spam posts. Spam accounts are often new with no karma. To weed them out, AutoModerator will remove **posts** from users with less than **2 days old and/or less than 20 karma**. It will also remove **comments** that have **less than 10 karma.**

If you are a human and do not intent to post/comment spam, please message mods for approval. Note that your posts or comments are not guaranteed to be approved after contacting mods.


**5. Harassment can get you banned. Permanently.**

Rude, offensive, judgmental, sexualized, and generally mean comments will be removed and the user risks getting banned at the mods’ discretion. Please report any comments that fit this description so we can act accordingly.



Use the report button generously for possible spam and inappropriate content or comments.

Also! When in doubt, please **message the mods!**


**7. Don’t see your post? Message the Mods!**

If your content gets stuck in the spam filter and you feel it doesn’t break any rules, please message the mods.

Please check [r/beauty]( for your posts *before* messaging mods.

If you have a new/low karma account, please refer to Rule 4 first.

If your post counts as SPAM, then the spam filter has done its job correctly and there is no need to message us. If your post was one of the following, it breaks Rule 1 and will NOT be rescued:

Blog posts, Product promotions/Websites, Videos


**8. Surveys are okay! As long as there’s no spam or money involved.**

We’ve been getting a lot of requests asking if user testing and other surveys for education purposes are allowed. They absolutely are as long as there’s no spam or money exchanged. As long as the incentive is to help educate people, it’s fine. No need to ask, just go for it!


**9. NO PORN.**

In case rules 1 and 2 aren’t clear enough. NO PORN IN /r/BEAUTY. We are not an 18+ subreddit. We’re counting porn (and similar posts) as spam and instant-ban worthy.

Posts or comments with porn, nudity, toplessness, privates showing, only fans promotions, and the like will be removed. Commenters/posters that violate this rule will be banned. Please report any porn related content you see.

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  1. I’m confused about the blog post rule.

    It says here no self promotion, but in the side bar it mentions it’s ok to post links to your own content as long as it’s relevant to the community.

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