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Police repel attack on command in San Juan de la Vega de Celaya and kill two hitmen, there are three elements injured and another 3 gunmen arrested – .

celaya, Guanajuato A armed attack on the municipal public security command of San Juan de la Vega would have left 2 gunmen killed, three arrested and three police officers injured. In addition, it caused an intense mobilization by the three levels of government on Sunday afternoon.

Shortly after 1:00 p.m., support was requested from elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Celaya (SSCC) as the facilities were being subjected to an armed attack. The attackers were held aboard a white Honda van from the front of the building.

A shootout between police and criminals occurred at the entrance to the community of San Juan de la Vega and for now they register four criminals killed and three police officers injuredas reported by State Government sources.

The Secretary of Security of Celaya Jesús Rivera Peraltareported that everything happened when the Criminals attacked the Municipal Police headquarters with bullets in San Juan de la Vega; officers responded to attack and there was a chase.

The event occurred on the Celaya-San Miguel de Allende highway around 1:00 in the afternoon, just as several drivers were passing through said section.

After confrontation the policemen captured some of the attackers and ensured the following:

  • 3 long weapons
  • 1 short weapon
  • tactical equipment
  • telephone equipment
  • 2 trucks.

The Secretary of Citizen Security He reported through his social networks about the attack suffered by the police and reported that during the confrontation there were several deaths, but on behalf of the attackers.

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