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Reported disappearance of journalist Jorge Luis Chew in Guerrero at the time he was covering a confrontation – .

The afternoon of this Saturday the first of October the disappearance of the red note reporter Jorge Luis Chew Cervantes was reportedin the town Taxco de Alarcon, Warrior; Therefore, an operation was activated between the three levels of government to find his whereabouts, reported the Secretary of State Security.

The disappearanceaccording to local media reports, It happened when the communicator was on his way to cover an alleged confrontation between municipal police and an organized crime group..

They informed the security authorities of Guerrero that they were aware of it from the first moment they became aware of the disappearance of reporter Jorge Luis Chew Cervantes.

So elements of the State Policein coordination with personnel of the Secretary of the Navy and Municipal Police of Pilcayaimmediately implemented an operation to locate it.

The security deployment is maintained in different locations and areas of the municipalities of Pilcaya and Taxco de Alarcón, they detailed.

Chew Cervantes is editor at “The double edged blade” and deputy director of the southeast region of the World Press Agency (MPA), which produces content for written and electronic media and social networks.

Less than a week ago, on September 25, another journalist, Robert Flowersin Chiapaswhose whereabouts are unknown until now.

Both cases are added to the 15 journalists murdered in different states, such as Baja California, with the murder of Lourdes Maldonado and Margarito Martínez Esquivel in January; which keeps Mexico as one of the most dangerous countries in the world to practice journalism.

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