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San Francisco del Rincón: Marco Daniel and Víctor Martín “El Patron” perpetrators of a family massacre in El Maguey are arrested – .

San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato.- They were captured and linked to criminal proceedings Marco Daniel and Víctor Martínaliases’The boss‘, accused of being the material authors of the massacre of a family in the El Maguey communityin San Francisco del Rincon.

“The State Attorney General’s Office managed to capture the men who shot at members of a family in the El Maguey communityand killed four people, including three minors, “the Prosecutor’s Office reported this Thursday afternoon.

In the armed attackthe mother was injured And he’s out of danger now.

The use of technologies applied to intelligence services led to a cell of the Criminal Investigation Agency to locate and identify the perpetrators of the massacre.

“The forensic investigation helped the Agent of the Public Ministry to put together a hypothesis about the characteristics of the possible authors of the brutal crime, and with film documents in which the vehicles driven by the accused on the day of the events and the use of technologies in the fight against crime appear, “said the Prosecutor’s Office State.

The detainees were identified as Marco Daniel and Victor Martinwho were located and arrested by Criminal Investigation Agents on charges of homicide.

They are charged with the crimes of homicide, attempted homicide and robbery.

On the night of October 25, the family was shot at inside their home in the El Maguey community, in San Francisco del Rincón.

The accused remained at the disposal of the Judge, at a hearing, the Agent of the Public Ministry presented evidence and managed to have them linked to criminal proceedings for the multiple homicide attributed to him.

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