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Shocking! Lightning kills 3 in Aculco

Three members of a family lost their lives and two more were injured after being struck by lightning

Two men, ages 55 and 36, and a 6-year-old boy dropped to their deaths almost instantly before Red Cross paramedics gave them first aid.

The events that cost the lives of these three people were recorded yesterday evening, Monday, in the streets of the La Soledad neighborhood, in this municipality.

Police authorities reported that according to the first investigations carried out, the members of this family were running on a dirt road and trying to find a place to take cover as a torrential downpour was falling, when they were suddenly struck by lightning.

As a result of the strong electric shock that the five members of this family received, they were seriously injured.

Some of the neighbors, realizing what had happened, immediately requested the intervention of an ambulance so that they could receive medical attention, however, when paramedics from the Red Cross arrived, three of them had already died, while the other two were still alive. for which they were transferred to a hospital in the area, so that they received the necessary medical attention.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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