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Shooting in Zapopan, Jalisco leaves one dead and four injured

On the afternoon of this Sunday, October 2, there was an armed confrontation between elements of the Mexican army and armed individuals in the vicinity of the Landmark shopping center, in the Andares area.

Preliminary reports indicate a deceased person and four others injured, a private security element, two men and a woman. Municipal Police personnel pointed out that armed subjects directly attacked a person who had an escort, who repelled the aggression, which triggered a shootout.

During the flight, the perpetrators met elements of the Army with whom they were shot at. A man, apparently an escort, was left dead on board a truck.

The shooting caused those present in the shopping center to run in different directions to protect themselves, according to the images that can be seen in videos circulating on social networks.

So far the identity of the deceased man and the injured people are unknown.

Update: the authorities have released a video to clarify the situation

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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