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Shooting is recorded outside Sonora Grill in Zapopan

The afternoon of this Friday, October 21 in Jaliscoa shooting was recorded outside the restaurant sound Grillfrom Terranova avenue in Zapopan.

The confrontation broke out in the area Providencein a preliminary way we talk about a dead person in Turin street, a injured inside a cuts restaurant and another inside a truck, which is presumed to be a private escort.

The events occurred on Avenida Montevideo and Avenida Providencia and the reasons for this confrontation have not yet been confirmed by the authorities, but it emerged in social networks thatthere was also one persecution where in addition to the exchange of shots, it is also said that the criminals threw objects known as tire punches in order to prevent them from being hit by the units that were chasing them.

The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramirezpublished on his social networks that elements of the three orders of government that protect the area attended the place.

“This afternoon we again faced an act of violence in our city, a direct attack on a restaurant in Providencia. The area is guarded by officials from the three levels of government, the investigations are ongoing and there is no risk to circulate in the area”, published the president of Jalisco.

Some videos about the confrontation Providence sample diners from restaurants close to Sonora Grillwho take shelter under the tables and inside the places before the burst of shots that are heard in the streets.

The area of ​​Providencia where these events occurred is a gastronomic corridor where people from Guadalajara tend to go, especially on a Friday afternoon, so the tables are quite crowded.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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