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Sicarios beat up Comondú policemen; Baja California Sur, “Don’t disrespect me again” they said to the elements – .

Comondu, Baja California Sur.- The night of Sunday, September 25 in Constitution CityMunicipality of Comondu, a group of assassinsmade up of at least nine of them, generated panic in the population.

The armed commando was captured on video beating municipal police officers in full Constitution City centerafter they were reported for disturbing the order inside the Bar Michelatos”.

The recording shows how the criminals beat the agents with cachazos in the face with high-caliber rifles.

Do not disrespect me again”, the subjects said to the officers while they were hit with long guns.

Residents of Ciudad Constitución confirmed that this is not the first time this has happened, including the presence of armed men inside the bar is constant.

The police officers were identified as

Gabriel “N”, savior “N” and albert “N”, one of them Commander General of Comondúthe three police officers are admitted to the ISSSTE Clinic in the region with serious injuries.

Unofficial sources confirmed on Monday night a strong device in Comondú, where they report at least three arrested and the insurance of long and short weapons.

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