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Simple Questions 08/17

Have you ever wondered what Christians believe about the Trinity? Are you curious about Judaism and the Talmud but don’t know who to ask? Everything from the Cosmological argument to the Koran can be asked here.

**This is not a debate thread. You can discuss answers or questions but debate is not the goal. Ask a question, get an answer, and discuss that answer. That is all.**

The goal is to increase our collective knowledge and help those seeking answers but not debate. If you want to debate; **Start a new thread.**

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
I have been reading and writing for over 20 years. My passion is reading and I would like to someday write a novel. I enjoy exercise and shopping.


  1. Personally I view trinity as “multiple personality”. This answers most confusions people have.
    How they hold the title of “ONE GOD” but are multiple minds, how does one of them not know what the other one knows if they are both the same being. ETC. it checks most of the boxes, including the common “did he pray to himself” -EX if 3 personalities talk to each other in the mindspace. how can one of them die. the difference would be, this being with multiple personalities not bound by physical restriction in a sense that they can each do whatever while the others can also do whatever

  2. Theological mysteries such as the trinity are existential sophistry in the end. Intellectual masturbation that feigns sophistication under the guise of religious “philosophy”. How people accept these claims is an entirely other matter. The best story is the one about Francis Collins. He was hiking in the cascade mountains and came upon a frozen waterfall that was frozen in 3 streams which put him in the mind of the trinity. He dropped to his knees in the dewy grass and accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior. A complete non sequitur. If a biologist that is held in such high esteem can come to conclusions like this in the face of all his empirical knowledge, you can see there’s an obvious problem in analyzing the world through the lens of faith.

  3. Morality, how’d you explain what is morality and why does it matter

    For example to an alien, unfamiliar with human culture (knowing English somehow)

    This is a valid question for both theist and atheist moral realists. It feels like too often (always) talking about morality we talk about way different things

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