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Soldier sells weapons, grenades at 26 thousand pesos each, and information to the Michoacan Family – .

A cell of La Familia Michoacana which is based on Tejupilco, Mexico state, is stocked with weapons and tactical gearwhich come directly from Military Camp number 1. The military selling equipment ensures to be an escort of a Colonel which is all the more corrupt.

According to reports dated June 2019, the SEDENA he discovered that a military offered tactical equipment, guns and grenadesin addition to providing information on the mobility and operations of the armed forces to a drug cartel cell based in Tejupilco, Mexico state.

“On May 31 (2019), The military offered operators of the criminal group 70 fragmentation grenades at a cost of 26 thousand pesos each; the criminal cell confirmed the purchase of eight of themwhich were delivered in AtlacomulcoMexico state”.

In the metadata analysis of the telephone equipment used by the military, the authorities confirmed that the base of operations of the soldier linked to criminals is in the municipality of Villa of Almoloya de Juarez, near the 8th mechanized regiment of the Sedena.

The supplier of weapons and tactical equipment is another alleged member of the Army, whom the criminals refer to as “ancient” and that -according to analyzing your telephone signal is based in Military Field No. 1 in Mexico City.

Another report from June 2019 indicates that the soldier who supplied weapons to the criminal cell is an escort for a military command that the criminals call “new Commander” and that has the range of Colonel.

In the calls intercepted by Sedena, the soldier informed a leader of the criminal group that he had had a new boss for two weeks and that he is part of his escort.

He described his superior as a Colonel originally from Tepalcatepec, Michoacan“who likes money, drinks and gets into everything”.

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