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Soldiers stop in the Guaymas Valley; Sonora to four Sicarios with a strong arsenal – .

Four heavily armed gunmen with a Barrett .50 caliber rifle, multiple assault rifles and handgunsas well as in possession of various types of drugswere insured by elements of the Secretariat of National Defense in the Guaymas Valleyreported the State Security Table.


This Tuesday afternoon, during safety tours in the ejido El Yaquiin the municipality of Guaymas, military elements arrested four people who identified themselves as Reyes “N”, Joseph “N”, alexis “N” and Joaquin “N”, 24, 18, 19 and 15 years old, respectively.

Individuals were assured of the following:


  • 4 vans of different makes and models.
  • 1 Barrett rifle caliber 50 mm.
  • 13 long weapons of different calibers.
  • 3 short arms.
  • 5 magazines for Barret caliber 50 mm.
  • 114 magazines for long guns, of different calibers.
  • 7 chargers for handguns.
  • 45 packages with 66 doses of marijuana, approximately.
  • 31 bags with 200 crystal doses.
  • 1 bag with 60 crystal doses.
  • 2 crystal stones, approximately 400 grams.
  • 4 ballistic vests.




The insured men were informed about the rights of detained persons and, together with the weapons and the various objects, they were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry to carry out the corresponding investigations.

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