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The 21-year-old influencer Karla Pardini was executed in Culiacán; Sinaloa, she received a call, went out and was shot-.

The Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office investigates the feminicide of the influencer Karla María (Karla Pardini) aged 21, who was shot to death, after receiving a phone call that made her leave her homeon the Tierra Blanca neighborhood of Culiacan, Sinaloa.

The events occurred last Tuesday in the cAlles Professors and Ignacio López Rayónin the limits of the Colonia Tierra Blanca and the luxurious neighborhood Paseo Alamedaof urban development Three Rivers.

According to the authorities, the crime occurred after the young woman received a phone callHe left home, She went to Calle Catedrático and that was when she was shot.

Crime scene

“According to the data provided by her mother, she received a call, went outside and that was where the attack occurred,” he said. Sarah Bruna Quinonezprosecutor Sinaloa.

She maintained that the murder was registered as a femicide because (she) was exposed and was defenseless when the attack occurred.

“We have everything reserved, we are doing the investigation following the greatest secrecy so as not to alert the possible or possible suspect,” added Sara Bruna Quiñonez.

Witnesses blame the murder on an armed group

Some witnesses maintain that they saw a group of armed individuals who arrived in the area just as the young woman left her house and later they shot him.

The woman was known for her content where she talked about fashion and clothing.

The body of the young woman was handed over to her relatives and She was buried in the Jardines del Humaya pantheon in Culiacán..

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