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The camera captured the moment in which policemen run into gunmen and flee to avoid confronting them – .

In social networks The moment in which a patrol fled when they saw a group of Sicarios forcefully enter a home went viral.

The images were captured by a security camera located near the scene of the events. In these, it is observed that in just a few seconds the police officers who were patrolling the area leave, without even making an attempt to stop the alleged assault.

According to the recording data, the commando attack It happened at 10:47 p.m. on October 9. According to reports, it was in the streets of Celaya, Guanajuatoalthough later the municipal authorities confirmed that the events were not recorded in said demarcation.

In the video It is observed that in the middle of the night, a white truck stops in front of a house. Vehicle hooded subjects descend with long weapons, who without hesitation approach the door to open it by force. The driver stays inside the car, and another man, who also got out of the car, stayed outside waiting for his accomplices.

Simultaneously, a patrol from the Municipal police He was going to turn onto that street, however, when he saw the commando who was entering a home and the subject who was standing guard outside approximately 5 meters away, he went back to join the perpendicular street.

Without attracting attention, the police withdrew from the scene, leaving the commando of armed men, who at that time was carrying out an alleged attack, completely unpunished.

The images soon caused outrage among social media users. Some pointed out that the action of the officers was logical, since they do not have the weapons or training to deal with organized crime, and others criticized that the police “no longer serve” to protect citizens.

“With only one squad, I would also go to the *hung over there”, “I would have done the same, just as many of you have some eggs, even with a slingshot they face them!” Said some users.

Others were annoyed that the officers had not tried anything: “Those policemen are not even good for guarding doors and windows…”, “They were not drunk because up to 5 patrols arrive to take him away” and “Apart from colllones, I suspect they were guarding for blow the whistle and let them know the way is clear, the armed people arrived and they felt complied bye-bye, let’s go, it seems that way. good night [sic]”, assured others.

After the video went viral, the Secretary of Citizen Security of Celaya shared a statement in which he assured that the patrols that appear in the video do not correspond to said corporation, so the place or state where these events would have occurred is unknown. Unofficially, it has been reported that alleged patrol cars are often cloned in this municipality.

“This Secretariat flatly denies that the video that captures the withdrawal of what appears to be an institutional public security unit in the face of an allegedly criminal act, corresponds to the municipality of Celaya”

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