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The day that JR son of “Tolin Infante” plaza boss and member of “Los Rusos” took a gun and shot it to death according to witnesses – .

Tolin Infante Y identified by security authorities in Baja California as plaza boss in Playas de Rosarito, survived an armed attack while with her 3 childrenleaving one of his lifeless escorts and the youngest of his children, 5-year-old wounded by a bullet and was arrested when he went to ask for help with his son in his arms, threatening him with a weapon so that they would attend to him.

The arrest occurred after a armed attack suffered by Infantewhen he was driving his vehicle accompanied by two of his childrenone of them about 5 years old, when he was on the Emiliano Zapata street in the Leyes de Reforma neighborhoodvery close to pavilion mall in the fifth municipality.


Héctor Infante was accompanied by several individuals when he was attackedgenerating an intense confrontation between antagonistic criminal groups, which the authorities reported that one person was killed. Dozens of long gun shell casings remained at the scene.

“El Tolín” managed to escape the attack, but his son was seriously injuredso that decided to transfer him by his own means to the General Hospital of Rosarito. The minor sustained injuries to his chest and leg.

The originally from chicago, was captured by municipal and state police. He also seized a long firearm and a charger. Witnesses at the scene told the authorities that the alleged responsible were four subjects, they were aboard a white pick-up truck.

Intelligence sources reported that the Sinaloa Cartel is the one currently has greater presence and control in Rosaritoand there are three cells that serve the brothers Rene and Alfonso Arzate: that of brothers and former police officers Mario Alberto and Karlo Omar Herrera, Luis Hector and/or Luis Edgar HerreraTolin Infante” Y “The 40” Y “The 42” These last two were arrested recently.


Said cartel maintains a struggle with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) for the control of the rosaritense municipality.

The JR eldest son of “Tolin” Rifó to Plumb

According to hairdressers statements that they pour into the file and of some witnesses who narrated the facts, They were cutting the hair of one of the sons ofHe Tolin Infante” when shots were heard outside the barbershop where the two bodyguards accompanying their client (El Tolin) were, Mr. Tolin and his son drew their gun from their waistband and they were perpetrated in the bathroom from where they shot at the door, when the shots stopped ringing Mr. Tolin carried his son, approximately 5 years old, while Junior, approximately 15/16 years old, came out shootingat that moment the youngest of his children received two bullet wounds, and that was when the bullets stopped being heard definitively.

Subsequently the JR took his wounded brother and Mr. Tolin quickly left through the RAM giving him notice that they could now leave that it was clear.

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