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the first time I got a Brazilian I got an infection, should I try again?

Hello, I’ve always shaved most of my hair off (underarms, legs, pubic area) and I’ve gotten full leg waxes as well.

I went to a massage and spa place that had many reviews (1k+, 4.8 stars) to get it as I heard to go to a professional and not a cheap one that mainly does nails. The woman was very sweet, talked me through the process and understood i have a low tolerance to pain. It was awful pain but I pushed through it, I was sore and bright red for a few days, then itchy and more pain came back. I saw my doctor, was told it was an infection and I had to take antibiotics. It looked pretty gross but it was gone after a week.

I really hate shaving so much and I full leg waxing isn’t that bad however, should I give a Brazilian wax another shot? Should I go to a waxing only salon? What are you thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. I’m a regular Brazilian customer been getting them done for years.

    You should definitely give it a second chance. But regardless of thier reviews being okay a nail salon is a place I would not get that type of waxing service done. You need to go to an actual esthetician.

    You will need to do a little research in your area but there is hard wax the kind they use the cloths to remove the hair or soft wax the kind that hardens in a few minutes after they apply it to remove. Soft wax is my favorite.

    It gets better with time! I promise you the wax pain will be less and less the more you go.

    And it’s important to exfoliate! Exfoliate the day before the wax. Pop a anti inflammatory an hour before your appointment. I will admit I have gotten a couple pretty bad ingrown hairs but that was because I was lazy and did not exfoliate. Pretty much if you wax down there exfoliate every other day. I use the eco tools hand glove it’s the easiest to use down there.

    Bonus way to ease your search is checking Groupon. Not only could you score a deal, but you can look up the business on yelp, Google for reviews and compare. That’s how I found my current lady after my old one moved away. I got a deal and she even joked how I’ve been seeing her for 2 years now. She raised her rates for new people but never ever changed them with me. It is also pretty normal for them to charge you more the first visit then a little less for the upkeep appointments.

    I had a couple bad experiences the first couple times I started, and I learned it really is finding the right esthetician.

  2. The same thing happened to me when I got waxed for the first time- I got terrible I frowns and white pussy bumps on my bikini area even though I exfoliated as advised. I got waxed twice and these were the same results. Then I recently got sugared and the results were amazing and the area was smooth. Sugaring is known for less ingrowns and better results. Also, it’s not as painful because wax sticks onto your skin, whereas sugaring doesn’t really and mainly latched onto the hair.

  3. I tend to put savlon antiseptic cream on the area the day after. Shower as soon before your appointment as you can to make sure the skin is clean. Don’t go to the gym or do anything that could make you sweaty for the first 24 hours and only use baby oil on the area for the first 24 hours.

  4. You should try getting sugared instead. It’s much better for you because it is all natural and you will have less irritation because they apply the sugar against the grain of your hair and remove it WITH the grain.
    Give it a try! Once you get sugared you will never look back!

  5. I had a similar experience getting a Brazilian wax through Groupon at some random little place that did nails, eyebrows, and I think hair and also waxing and I remember feeling bad after it too and having similar symptoms. I then went to european wax center and didn’t have a problem or any of those weird symptoms after.

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