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The former president of the municipality of Teotlalco in Puebla is assassinated

This Monday, the murder of the former municipal president of Teotlalco, Puebla, Guillermo Cortés, who was shot at with his wife, was reported. His partner was taken to a hospital in Morelos, since she was seriously injured.

The first reports of the events indicate that everything would have been an assault, the municipal authorities do not rule out that it is a direct attack against the former mayor and his wife, who was hospitalized in Axochiapan Hospital, Morelos.

There is another version of the events, in which it is claimed that Cortés would have gone out with his truck to sell dairy products, when he was intercepted by an armed group on the Teotlalco-Huaxtla highway, who would have shot him and his wife multiple times.

Despite the fact that the investigations into the murder of the former mayor were launched, there is still no official statement, nor anything that could give clues about the motive for the crime.

The violence against political actors or former officials continues, after the murder of deputy Gabriela Marín was recently reported; the mayor of San Miguel Totolapan, Conrado Mendoza; as well as the car accident in which Senator Faustino López died.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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