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The soccer player who became corrupt, Cuauhtémoc Blanco gives a notary to his brother Ulises Bravo, spends three million pesos on grilled meats – .

The Government of Morelos who heads Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo delivered Ulises Bravo, half brother of the Governorthe Notary Public 4 of the ninth demarcation based in Jiutepec.

The brother of “the cuow” pressured officials from the Government Secretariat, according to an audio, where it is revealed how the relative of the former soccer player demanded to speed up the procedures with Eduardo Kenji Uchida Garcia, General Legal Director of the Government Secretariat.

Ulysses Bravo not only received a notary, also they gave him the leadership of Morena in Morelos in a contested appointment but that the Morenoite national leader, Mario Slimdismissed.

The duress audio exhibits a discussion between Uchida García and the former Secretary of Government, Paul Ojedawho was removed from his post last March.

Ojeda complained that they had not informed him of Ulises Bravo’s pressure.-When did they tell me that a new Notary was going to be created? Ojeda asked annoyed.

“I told the Governor,” Uchida replies. “Yes, there are conditions (to create the notary’s office), but I ask you for two favors: I operate it, I do everything. Because he told me: ‘Will you take care of it?’ but two favors: talk to Pablo (Ojeda) and help me decide who or who would serve as a jury,'” he added.

“ANDIt is a lack of respect, you used my name, they did not measure the consequences of what they did, it was enough with those of the Notary school, they are pissed offOjeda claimed.

Behind the departure of the former manager of Cuauhtémoc Blanco of the office of the Government of Morelosthe half-brother of the former soccer player, Ulises Bravo, has accumulated power in the state Administration.

Without having an official position, Bravo dispatches at Casa Moreloswhere he occupies one of the main offices of the state Executive headquarters, according to witnesses who have been summoned by him to the building.

There, the former state leader of the defunct PES and now leader of Morena in the entity is in charge of the affairs endorsed by the Governor, said businessmen who have come to Casa Morelos.

The witnesses affirmed that the issues they wanted to deal with directly with the former soccer player, he has answered: “yes, yes, it’s fine, see with my brother, see everything with him”.

Home Morelos, Bravo arrives in an armored van escorted by three otherthat provided by the State Security Commissionaccording to witnesses.

In meetings, businessmen indicate that they have to put up with high-sounding language from the “official”.

The issues it deals with, among others, are contracts for services, works or purchases for the Government.

According to witnesses, Blanco’s brother gained strength since the departure of the former soccer player’s former manager, Jose Manuel Sanzwho left the office of the Governor last May.

Sanz and Ulises Bravo did not share the same ideas.

At Casa Morelos, Bravo has waiters, foods, drinks and snacks all the time, another businessman added.

The Government of Morelos disbursed in eight months 3 million pesos (some 12 thousand 500 pesos daily) on the preparation of roasted meats, billed at Casa Morelos.

From January to August of last year, the state government reported an expense of 2 million 999 thousand 319 pesos in red meat, delicatessen, Argentine sausage, chistorra, dry cleaner, alcoholic drinks, packaged, vegetables, fruits, Coal, yogurts, egg, milkand even banquets.

For example, on the same day –July 13– they were billed to the state government two banquets of 13 thousand pesos each.

In addition to the power in the Government of his brother, Bravo obtained the leadership of Morena in Morelos, even with a rain of challenges from founders of that party in the state.

Before the decision of Electoral Tribunal to lower Ulises Bravo as leader of Morena in Morelosthe national leadership of that party determined that it will be de facto, without the official appointment.

Thus, the Governor’s brother will take charge of the organization of the party heading into the 2024 election.

Bravo was declared ineligible by the Electoral Court, after a Moreno accused that the call was violated, which established that candidates from other parties with which there was no alliance in the last two elections could not participate.

The accusations included the waste of public resources for the transportation of people in favor of Bravo In formal terms, the presidency will take it Patricia Garciawho was elected as general secretary, so she will work hand in hand with Bravo.

According to federal investigations and indictments filed in the Morelos Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, Bravo is implicated in a money laundering network along with Blanco’s cousin, Edgar Riou Perez, and other relatives and collaborators close to the president.

Bravo is also accused of pressuring officials from the Morelos Government Secretariat to create a Notary Public.

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