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These are the women who were detained heavily armed after clashing with the GN in Zamora; Michoacan – .

Zamora, Michoacan.- elements of the National Guard, confirmed that derived from a confrontation with assassins, Three women and one man were whom they secured two vehicles, long guns and useful cartridges.

Everything was recorded when the elements of the Federal Forces carried out tours in the community of The workand were attacked with firearm shots, for which they repelled the attack.

The gunmen tried to escape starting a chase where one of the hitmen’s cars crashed and another one was abandoned by criminalswho fled towards wild terrain.


However, in a quick reaction the uniformed they managed to capture Monica N, 30 years old, Andrea N, 18 years old, Janet A., 34 already Jose Antonio C., 45 years old, all residing in Zamora.

Officials from the Municipal Police, Civil Guard, Mexican Army and the State Attorney General’s Office came to the scene in support, which implemented an operation in search of other gunmen who participated in the attack and provided perimeter security.

Two long weapons, one short, 8 magazines and useful cartridges were seized from the suspects, which together with the vehicles were made available to the competent authorities.

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