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They arrest 15 of the armed individuals who attacked elements of the National Guard in Jiquipilas; Chiapas – .

elements of the National Guard in Coordination with elements of the Ministry of National Defense managed to arrest 15 Sicarios in the vicinity of Cerro Juárezof the road that connects this city with Jiquipilas.

One of the operations carried out in the municipality of Jiquipilas and in the limits with the coiteca city as a result they achieved arrest of a group of armed subjectswho They carried large caliber weapons..

It should be noted that this Monday morning they arrived at the municipality of Jiquipilas a convoy of the National Guard and Military to take charge of the situation, so they had to close the road while security actions were carried out.

Later in the afternoon traffic was closed again, in which detonations of firearms were heard, where the security forces began to go through various points of the road in order to maintain order.


It is known that as part of these actions, agents achieved the arrest of 15 Sicarios that presumably would be linked to the events that took place on Sunday night in the municipality of Jiquipilas.

The apprehended were transferred to the federal separations to later be placed at the disposal of the Attorney General of the Republicwhere they will have to face a legal process against them.

It is expected that the federal authorities will communicate the actions implemented in the region in the next few hours, in which security actions are expected to continue until the situation in the municipality of Jiquipilas is controlled.

Despite the arrests, the people jiquipilteco continues to be on alert because it remains a ghost town, where social activity has completely stopped due to the fear that the shootings may continue.

Likewise, the Federal Forces managed to secure long and high-powered weapons for the exclusive use of the Mexican Army, in addition to useful cartridges and chargers, mostly assault, R-15, and UZI. 9mm, everything was at the disposal of the Public Ministry of the Attorney General of the Republic.

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