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They arrest 3 car robbers in the GAM

Three alleged members of a criminal group dedicated to theft of vehicles with violence through different digital platforms, were detained by uniforms from the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City; The defendants are related to at least ten Investigation Folders for that crime. Their victims were robbed, injured and murdered.

This is Miguel Ángel “C”, 22 years old; José Fernando “C”, 23, and Jorge Vicente “C”, 25, who were arrested on Severiano Ceniceros Street, in the Gustavo A Madero City Hall.

According to the investigations of the police of the intelligence area of ​​the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City, the three defendants are accused of being part of a criminal gang dedicated to violent vehicle theft, which would operate on different platforms for Internet such as Facebook, Mercado Libre, Segunda Mano and Aviso Oportuno in the sale of vehicles, where they quoted their victims being stripped of their belongings, to whom the victims have been injured and lost their lives.

At the time of their apprehension, they were seized with three sets of plates and three unmatched plates, with plate numbers PCD-42-68, NPC-67-47, MAS-30-99; without pair the following license plates: MYU-87-85, V68-AMR, NJT-57-22.

In addition, 60 hermetic sealable bags of marijuana were seized, 437 hermetic sealable bags with white powder, a round white gramera, a small black and silver gramera, a useful .9-millimeter caliber cartridge; a box with legend 9mm instead contains a grid with 6 useful cartridges with legend .9 millimeters and 8 cartridges with legend 3.80 and four shell casings with legend 45.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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