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They arrest a Spaniard with more than 900 thousand pesos in NL

In Apodaca NL, inside the “Mariano Escobedo” International Airport, elements of the National Guard (GN), in coordination with elements of the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM), detected a person with around 45 thousand 582 US dollars , equivalent to approximately 900 thousand pesos, without having previously declared them.

The arrest took place within the prevention and surveillance work in the area called PIP (Passenger Inspection Point), national guards applied searches to luggage, whose users arrived on a flight from Dallas, Texas, United States.

The National Guard, with the support of an X-ray machine, detected several packages of banknotes inside a backpack, indicating a red light, which is why a detailed inspection was carried out.

When they checked the luggage of the passenger of Spanish nationality, they realized that there were checks, dollars and euros, that he intended to enter the national territory without declaring them to the tax authority, for which he was arrested.

In this action, approximately documents and cash were recorded for 45,582 US dollars, equivalent to 900,000 pesos.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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