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They arrest a thief who hit a young woman in a Cozumel store

With blows to the body and head ended a young woman who was attacked on Tuesday morning by a thief who demanded money from the cash register, while guarding a grocery store in Cozumel.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment in which the assailant hit the minor, threw her to the ground and dragged her to later flee the site, managing to steal 500 pesos.

The video shows how the young woman was waiting for customers to arrive, while a man arrived at the store barefoot, without a shirt, and wearing navy blue shorts with orange stripes on the sides.

After a few seconds, he went to where the young woman was to hit her and throw her to the ground, opening the cash register with one hand and taking the money to flee.

Given the facts, the owners of the establishment proceeded to denounce the assault and robbery of the business. In addition, a Facebook user identified as Angélica, shared the videos of the attack through a publication made on social networks that quickly spread among the inhabitants of the island, in which the following is read:

“Today in the morning this unfortunate monster of a man hit the girl from the store to steal money the girl has multiple blows on her body and her head the authorities that until tomorrow will see what to do so that they can file the complaint why couldn’t they do anything today and this man is still on the loose as if nothing to the people who have businesses be attentive to this monster why he is stealing and has no mercy as he hits whoever he is. The people have to do justice because the authorities do nothing.”

Hours later, before one in the morning on Wednesday, an angry crowd ready to lynch the man rioted in front of the house of the alleged criminal, better known as “El Bolo”, and caused damage with stones in a door and window of his rented room located on 95th avenue, between 8th and 10th streets of the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood.

At that moment, elements of the Secretary of the Navy, Public Security and State Police arrived, who saved the thief and aggressor from a lynching by putting him on a patrol for later transfer to the vicinity of the local police corporation. It transpired that residents of the area celebrated the event and insulted the thief who was taken to the separations.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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