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They attack in the main square of Guadalupe y Calvo on a national holiday against Edel Guzmán “El Cuñado” Nephew of “El Chapo Guzmán”, dies in hospital – .

The executed man during the early hours of this Thursday in the middle of the national holiday in Guadalupe y Calvo is the nephew of theShortyGuzman reported military sources in the area.

Edel Guzmán, 36 years old, was shot when he was at a party in the main square of that community and died moments later in the hospital of Guadalupe and Calvo.

Ministerial and military sources confirmed that after various inquiries this Thursday morning it was determined that The murdered subject is the nephew of Chapo Guzmán.

The Prosecutor’s Office attended to the report of a lifeless person in violent circumstances during the early hours of Thursday, September 15, in the municipality of Guadalupe y Calvo.

The deceased today was identified as Edel Guzmán, 36 years old, with home in the municipality of Badiraguato, Sinaloa.

The preliminary investigation establishes that this person was in the main square of the place, when gun shots were heard and he was injured, dying while receiving medical attention at the hospital.

The same sources indicate that there are two people detained for these events.

Executed nephew of ‘El Chapo’ until he had run

They nicknamed him Brother-in-law, that key was given to him by Uncle, Edel Guzman is his name, greetings to all the plebada, to the cuichi pal Pariente and the Ghost,” says a part of the corrido performed by “The Cheerful of the Ravine” in honor of the young man executed in Guadalupe y Calvo.

The corrido available on all platforms talks about “In-law” describing Edel Guzmán as “happy and in love always with the shot up to wait for what comes.”

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