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They beat a man to death in Coacalco

The body of a 64-year-old man was found on public roads, according to a police report the identity of the deceased or the aggressors is unknown, it is presumed to have been in a fight.

He was found in the middle of a pool of blood, on Retorno de Guayabas street, in the Bosques del Valle neighborhood, Second Section, in Coacalco.

Neighbors, realizing that the man was lying in the middle of a pool of blood, asked for the help of an ambulance, but when paramedics from the Red Cross tried to give him first aid, he had already died, so municipal police cordoned off the area and They requested the intervention of the Public Ministry to attest to the facts.

During the first visual inspections, the MP reported that the victim had traces of strong blows on various parts of the body, mainly on the head, which caused his death.

Once the ministerial proceedings were concluded and once the removal of the body was ordered, the MP began the investigation folder for the crime of homicide.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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