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They build “Museo del Narco” in Badiraguato; objects from “El Chapo Guzmán”, “Mayo Zambada” and Caro Quintero will be exhibited – .

Neither paintings, sculptures or anthropological objects. In Badiraguatothe City Council of Jose Luis Lopez Elenes foresees inaugurate a museum on top of the city that boasts of drug trafficking figures who were born in that mountainous area of ​​Sinaloa.

López Elenes, who has been in office since October 31, 2021, stated that Badiraguato can’t deny that it was the birthplace of JoaquínEl ChapoGuzman, Rafael Caro Quintero or Juan José EsparragozaThe blue“.

Therefore, a structure of about 7 meters high and 115 square meters, which is estimated to have an investment of 14 million pesoswill be used to present the stories of the former leaders of the extinct Jalisco Cartel or the current Sinaloa Cartel or the Caborca ​​Cartel.

“We cannot deny our history, we have to recognize it and on that basis we are going to work. It is possible that we can have a drug trafficking museumWe are not closed to any topic, we are going to listen to all the topics,” explained the brunette.

“We are a government that listens to the voices, that is going to push so that economic development reaches the municipality and that we manage to overcome this stigma of drug trafficking pushing development.

López Elenes called to prevent the museum from causing a scare and asked to see the positive part.

“I still do not have clearly the fact of being able to have what figures can be found there, because we are going to listen to museum specialists to guide us. We are not closed to any subject, if they guide us it will be for the benefit of the municipality of Badiraguato have a drug museumwe also promote it from the Government”, he asserted.

On May 9, the Mayor and the Governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha, witnessed the start of several works, including the museum, which at that time was not exposed what it would house.

In addition to the “Regional Museum”, it was also stated that a viewpoint, a thousand-square-meter esplanade and a 122-step staircase would be opened, among other works to attract tourism.

At that time, it was estimated that the work could be inaugurated on December 20.

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