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They capture a moment in which armed individuals perpetrate a massive robbery on diners at the Kansas Grill restaurant in León; Guanajuato – .

Diners experienced moments of panic and anguish after being assaulted by armed men in a restaurant located in Residential Lomas of Punta del Este.

The assailants managed to take at least 30 cell phonescash, among other belongings of the clients, there were no injured people.

East assault registered between 8:30 and 9 at night, in the Kansas Grill restaurant located on Paseo Duarte corner with Sierra de Vergel.

A witness, who preferred anonymity for security reasons, who went to the restaurant with his family.

He never imagined what would happen, in the establishment there were more than 30 people, including employees, among the clients there were foreign people, children and elderly people. Some of them suffered nervous breakdown.

“It was between 8:30 and 9 at night, my brother was already inside here with his wife, it turns out that there was a car stopped here in front of the restaurant entrance and it wouldn’t let me pass, it was between whether to park or not. I parked, then I finally passed and parked further on, by that time the assailants had gotten in, they were the ones in the vehicle that would not let me pass,” the witness said.

“My mother and niece upon entering the restaurant, my mother tells me: ‘it seems that they are raiding son’ (…) so I pulled her and we took her out, and the dude (assailant) cut cartridge and began to say curses, and then I secretly got my mother and my niece into the car, the thieves did all their action and finally got into the car and drove off, “he explained.

“They ’tilted’ everything, from top to bottom, to a man, everyone was forced to lie down, but they never fired their weapons,” another witness mentioned.

Once they committed the robbery, the assailants fled towards the colony san jose del potreroAmong the items and belongings that they managed to take are wallets, cell phones, bags and keys, as well as cash.

Although it was also reported that the assailants took the money from the cash register of the day’s sales and while fleeing, they also damaged the security camera system with a machete.

A few minutes later, elements of the Municipal Police arrived, who despite a search operation to locate the thieves, until now had not reported their arrest.

One of the diners who was in the restaurant this morning stated that managed to detect a location of one of the cell phonesbut preferred to omit this information so as not to hinder the investigations of the authorities.

Despite the fact that a strong operation was implemented, registering an intense police mobilization in the area, no detainees were reported.

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