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They capture Mario Martín “El Mayo” author of a massacre in the bar “Los Tres Amigos” in the community of San José el Nuevo de Celaya – .

Celaya. – Mario Martinaka “The May”, responsible for the massacre perpetrated in the bar The three friends” on the Saint Joseph the New communitywas linked to criminal proceedings for the murder of nine people. In addition, he will answer for the injuries to four other men and one woman.

The State Attorney General’s Officereported that the alleged perpetrator of the massacre that occurred on August 5 is in custody and has been linked to criminal proceedings for the crimes of damage, qualified homicide of six men and three women (nine people) and attempted homicide of 4 men and one woman (5 people) who suffered consequences of the attack.

Through a statement it was reported that Mario Martin N, aka “The May”, had been captured in recent days thanks to a deployment of state and federal police forces. This was led by a tactical group from the Criminal Investigation Agency of the State Attorney General’s Office.

The subject, 32 years old, is allegedly responsible for the multi-homicide that occurred in the commercial establishment, with the sale of alcoholic beverages called “The three friends” located on Emeteria Valencia street in the San José el Nuevo community.

The massacre in a bar in San José El Nuevo

On Friday, August 5, at night the massacre was reported in the aforementioned bar. Upon attending the alert, ministerial personnel appeared at the scene. Criminalists dedicated themselves to collecting physical evidence and evidence to submit it to the examination of experts in forensic ballistics, fingerprinting, forensic medicine, among other branches.

In the two patios that function as parking lots, on the terrace with a tin roof and at the entrance to the place, .223 and 7.62 long gun casings and 8 lifeless bodies were found.

Five men and one woman were reported to be admitted to the hospital and were hit by the shots. One of them, who entered at 9:54 p.m., lost his life in the first 23 minutes of Saturday the 6th, as a result of the shots.

The wooden tables with chairs, beer containers, the bar, the refrigerators, the vehicles, everything showed the onslaught of the projectiles.

The reports stated that one of the perpetrators of the massacre was arrested without any shots being fired. The defendant is linked to a criminal group. Due to his alleged crimes, he was linked to the process.

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