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They drug and hide a young man in Hookah Santa Fe

Through an audio, a woman who is apparently the mother of the victim, recounts that in the Hookah Santa Fe establishment located at Av. Vasco de Quiroga 3880, Lomas de Santa Fe, Contadero, in the Cuajimalpa mayor’s office she was drugged and hidden by apparently site employees.

“I agreed with her that she would call me when she left the place. She didn’t call me. I called her many times and she didn’t answer me, suddenly one of her friends called me to tell me that they couldn’t find my daughter, that the party was over, ”explains her mother.

When the lady went to the place to pick up her daughter, she says that the girl’s cell phone locator indicated that she was still in the place, however, the employees insisted that the young woman had left the site. “My daughter would not have gone to another place without warning,” says the rapporteur in the audio.

The administrator of the square responded to the lady’s call and asked that the search be resumed.

“She decides to search the bathrooms down the hall first. In the last of the cubicles she finds a locked door. With effort he manages to open it partially and we find a bathroom that works as a warehouse full of black bags with curtains, that is, very heavy packages that covered the entire floor and the bathroom furniture, he manages to peek out and shouts, ‘here’s a girl’” , recounts.

After some time, the young woman was found disoriented and without knowing how she got there, so she was taken to a hospital where they applied toxicological tests that came out negative.

“Speaking with a doctor at Hospital Ángeles Lomas, a specialist in toxicology, she tells me that this very common situation today is done with a substance called scopolamine, which aims to put the victim to sleep deeply for the purpose of abuse. It’s not traceable,” she says.

Upon returning to the establishment to ask for the videos to be reviewed and to see the person in charge, they mentioned that the cameras that focused on the corridor where it apparently happened did not work, to which he demanded to speak with the owner of the place.

“I ran into a mean man, interested only in knowing if my daughter was a minor. He had no interest in knowing what happened in her business or is hiding any evidence. His response to my need to see what had happened was ‘thank you that your daughter is alive,’ ”says the young woman’s mother.

“We know that today this happens every day in our country, but when it happens to you and you experience it firsthand, you realize that life is going away and that there are people who, far from wanting to help you, encourage these misfortunes to continue happening. Please tell my story to your children and take good care of them”, he concludes.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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