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They execute a shot at a subject in Neza

A man between 35 and 40 years old was killed with a bullet to the head, after he had an argument with a subject on the street, apparently due to personal problems.

After he took the life of his victim, the alleged murderer, who, according to some witnesses, was wearing blue jeans and a gray sweatshirt with black trim, ran out to escape.

The events that cost the life of this subject who is already identified but whose name was not revealed, were recorded this Friday afternoon, at the corner of Allende and Ignacio Manuel Altamirano streets, in the Raúl Romero neighborhood, in this municipality.

Police authorities reported that according to the first investigations that were carried out, the now deceased was walking normally down the street, when he was intercepted by a subject, with whom he began to argue heatedly, apparently due to personal problems.

During the discussion, when they were about to come to blows, the alleged murderer surprisingly took out a firearm from his clothes to kill his opponent at close range with a bullet to the head.

Some of the neighbors, realizing what had happened and that the unfortunate man was mortally wounded, immediately asked for the help of an ambulance, although when paramedics from the Red Cross arrived and tried to give him medical attention, it was too late, because he had already died.

Upon learning of the events, while the municipal police cordoned off the entire area, the agent from the Public Ministry appeared at the scene, where once he had carried out the first ocular inspections, he reported that the deceased was left kneeling, his body flexed, with the head, on the floor and that he had a bullet wound in the head that took his life instantly.

Once the ministerial proceedings were concluded and once he had ordered the removal of the body, the MP began the corresponding investigation folder for the crime of homicide and with this he issued instructions to elements of the investigative police so that they are the ones who, based on their police work establish exactly what was the motive for the crime and who was responsible for searching for and arresting it.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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