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They find 41 bags with human remains in Irapuato

In a property of the Santa Fe neighborhood in Irapuato, 41 bags with human remains were found during the weekend.

After a stray dog ​​was seen walking with a human leg and leaving the farm, the order to search was given and that is how the human remains were found.

Between Friday and Saturday, 41 bags with human remains were exhumed.

Members of the search group “Until Finding You” have witnessed the work carried out by the Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Office and pointed out that there could be more remains since the work continues this Monday.

“To this day there are 41 packages of human remains, it is sad, unfortunate to call them that but they cannot be called otherwise. They are body parts that cannot be distinguished if it is the torso, they are hands, they are skulls, they are heads, completely wrapped up, they are in a black bag and then they are wrapped up separately,” said Bibiana Mendoza, spokeswoman for the collective.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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