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They find the bodies of four men who had been picked up this morning in the capital of Chihuahua – .

The The victims were picked up this morning at a home on Calle de los Faisanesto the north is capital.

Cd. Juárez, Chih.- The dead bodies of four men raised a few hours ago were found this afternoon, on the highway that leads from this city to Juarez.

The macabre find mobilized the police corporations after locating the bodies of 4 men killed on the highway from Chihuahua to Juárez.

It was at 2:50 p.m. when the finding was reported, at the height of the kilometer 72 of the aforementioned street. Police from different corporations as well as National Guard personnel arrived at the scene.

Personnel from the downtown area prosecutor’s office were notified of the event to take charge of processing the scene.

The first male was wearing a black jacket, blue pants and brown shoes; the second body had a gray sweatshirt with a hood, a beige camisole, black pants and brown shoes; the third victim was wearing a gray jacket, white pants and black shoes; the fourth subject wore a blue sweatshirt, white shirt, blue pants and brown shoes.

It transpired that this very morning, 4 people were deprived of their liberty north of the citywithout confirming that they are the victims located.

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