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They find the body of a drowned child in Michoacán

After several hours of searching, this morning the lifeless body of the minor who was dragged by the current of the Rio Grande was located.

Minutes after 10:00 a.m. today, with the support of neighbors, relatives and inhabitants of various rancherías, the body of minor Armando C, M, 6 years old, who was a resident of the town, was finally located and rescued. from El Pino.

Yesterday afternoon, the minor and one of his brothers accompanied his father to fish in the place known as Agua Mil, when the two minors accidentally fell into the river, only one of them being rescued.

Immediately, the father of the minors went home and requested the support of family and friends, with whom he searched for the boy Armando without obtaining any results, suspending work due to the night.

This Monday morning, relatives, friends and inhabitants of several ranches restarted the search for the minor, who was found lifeless and stuck in the weeds of the river at the height of the Monte Grande community.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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