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They kill Islu, a 16-year-old extortionist from the Tepito Union, in networks they mourn his death “You were not carnal 😭” – .

In networks friends and family lamented and cried his death with phrases like “With a smile they always looked at him“, “Rest in peace Islu may God keep your life have a good trip“, “Fly free to the sky champion“, either “No friend why 😭

Last Sunday morning Islu GG was executed in the Morelos neighborhoodof the Mayor Cuauhtemocwho was identified as a cousin of Dither Yareth member of the Union of Tepito, stopped in February of last year for the crime of “purchase and sale of narcotics”.


According to the investigations they located the ‘Dither‘ as one of the main extortionists of merchants who was linked to La Unión Tepito.

island, just like ditherHe was part of the group of extortionists that operates in the Historic Center”, journalist Carlos Jiménez specified on his Twitter account.

Islu’s body, barely 16 yearsremained in “a job, next to 2 candles”.

No further details were given about the possible “motives” for the crime, nor are there any indications so far about a culprit.

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