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They knock down two luxury vehicles to the criminal group “Los Rodolfos” in CDMX, they transported merchandise and weapons in them – .

The Attorney General of Mexico City (FGJCDMX) released the confiscation of two high-end cars to the criminal structure identified as “The Rudolphs”, after demonstrating through the Specialized Prosecutor for Asset Forfeiture, of the Sub-Prosecutor for Processes, that both units were obtained illegally and that firearms were used for the transportation of drugs.

According to the investigation, in June 2020, agents of the Investigative Police Gerardo was arrested “N”, aliases “The Yayo”, indicated as possible head of assassins of the criminal group “Los Rodolfos”, Victor Albert “N”, also a possible member of said gang, who were seized a revolver with cartridges, cocaine and marijuana, as well as the two luxury vehicles.

Gerardo was driving a vehicle, model 2014, valued at about 830 thousand pesos, while Víctor was driving a car, model 2016, valued at approximately 770 thousand pesos.

Drug wrappers and a firearm were found inside said vehicles, which the Prosecutor’s Office for the Investigation of the Crime of Drug Dealing took note of.

Due to the foregoing, the social representative of the Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Domain Forfeiture, initiated the corresponding procedure, and in the preparation stage carried out the necessary steps to support the exercise of domain forfeiture action, such as ordering the investigation to investigative detectives and the intervention of expert services, among others.

Once various elements of evidence were gathered, the Prosecutor’s Office filed the corresponding lawsuit before the Civil Judge of Oral Process and Asset Forfeiture.

In the judicial stage, the lawsuit was admitted in February of this year and in Augustwhere the initial hearing was held, in which all the means of evidence offered by the social representation were admitted, which were unburdened in the main hearing on September 1.

The Agent of the Public Ministry of the Deputy Prosecutor for Processes showed that the evidence presented confirmed his argument, which produced the conviction in the judge about the facts that were the subject of the domain forfeiture.

As a result of the foregoing, this Prosecutor’s Office obtained a ruling in favor of the Government of Mexico City, by proving that the two high-end vehicles are assets of illegitimate origin, in accordance with the provisions of the National Law of Asset Forfeiture.

It should be remembered that, previously, in October 2020, both individuals were sentenced for the crimes of drug dealing and bribery.

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