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They leave dismembered in Cuauhtémoc; Chihuahua with a box on top and a balloon – .

The body was partially mutilated, wrapped in plastic and with a balloon on top of a box. Apparently there is also a Narcomessage.

A partially dismembered and wrapped bodywas left this afternoon in broad daylight in a busy park in the central zone of Cuauhtémoc; chihuahuaat the moment there is a strong security device in the area.

The macabre discovery occurred around 5:40 in the afternoon, in the Matamoros street between 16 and 24 in front of the local parkwhich in a matter of minutes was besieged by elements of different corporations.

There a body could be observed partially mutilated, wrapped in plastic, on top of a box whose content is unknown and a balloon. Apparently there is also a message.

At the moment more information about the victim is unknown, since they are still working in the personal crime dinner of the western zone district attorney’s office.

So far in November, there are seven murder victims in different parts of the municipality, six in the last 48 hours.

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