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They lynch the subject who murdered his neighbor

Enraged residents of Teotihuacán, State of Mexico, brutally beat a subject to death, moments after he deprived an individual of his life with shotguns and when the police, from whom he was snatched, had already arrested him.

The events that cost the life of this subject, until now unknown, were recorded this Friday morning, in the streets of this municipality.

Police reports indicate that this subject, in complicity with two others who fled, had just murdered a neighbor with a shotgun and when he tried to escape, elements of the municipal police who arrived in response to a call for help, reached and stopped.

However, when the uniformed officers were about to transfer the detainee to the facilities of the local justice center to put him at the disposal of the Public Ministry, dozens of neighbors gathered at the place and upon learning what had happened, they violently snatched the detainee from him. to the police and immediately began brutally beating him until he was rendered unconscious.

After the police managed to contain the enraged neighbors and rescued the alleged murderer, realizing that his health was serious, they immediately called for the help of an ambulance to receive urgent medical attention.

Later, when paramedics from Civil Protection arrived, they immediately transferred said subject to a hospital in the area so that he could receive the necessary medical care; however, just as he entered the emergency room he lost his life as a result of the brutal blows he received.

Upon becoming aware of the facts, the agent from the Public Ministry appeared at the hospital, where once he had carried out the corresponding procedures and ordered the removal of the body, he began the corresponding investigation folder for the crime of homicide.

In an attempt to clarify this barbaric act, the FGJEM reported that it has already started the corresponding investigations, in order to identify and arrest all those involved, since the agency said that no one is above the law and cannot do justice for own hand

It’s not the first time

In May 2016, residents of Santiago Atlatongo, Teotihuacán lynched two alleged kidnappers.

On that occasion, angry neighbors realized that three suspicious people were in the town with the intention of committing an illegal act. After being secured, two people suffered from the courage of the residents and one more was able to save his life.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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