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They record the moment in which subjects commit assaults on the Veracruz-Puebla highway in Cumbres de Maltrata with lasers and long weapons – .

During the night of this Thursday, two drivers were stripped of their belongings on the Veracruz-Puebla highwayspecifically in the same place where hours before there would have been an assault on 40 autonomists in Cumbres de Maltrata.

The event It was recorded and simultaneously shows the assault on the driver of a trailer and the occupants of a white car. circulating in front of the unit load.

in the awesome video captured by the security cameras of the trailer, it is observed several armed individuals with flashlights, lasers and long weapons they demand to stop the drivers to rob them.

It is noteworthy that the Thermokineros organization shared the recording to alert drivers with the following message, through Facebook, in order to prevent them from being one more victim of the thieves operating in that area:

«#Cumbres #De #Mistreat #RATAS A Comrade who is uploading mistreats 1 hour ago this happened to him there is for those who are uploading to go to the slope and give it carefully there the rats are uploading working Titans of the 57 Official »

It should be noted that in less than an hour, a group of subjects robbed at least 40 vehicles who got stuck after an accident on the Veracruz-Puebla highway, at the height of the Maltrata cloverduring the early hours of this Thursday.

Motorists affected during the assault reported that they were robbed of their cell phones, money and all their belongings.

And they affirmed that the fact was reported to 911, to the National Guard and through social networks by the victims themselves without any authority arriving after the incident.

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