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They release a video where a carpenter steals the bag of deputy Gabriela Marín Sánchez while her body was on the ground in Cuernavaca – .

Jose Manuel Garcia Arciniegathe carpenter linked to the investigations into the crime of local deputy Gabriela Marín Sánchezit was charged with the crime of qualified robbery for taking the legislator’s bag, whose corpse lay on the ground.

The State Attorney General’s Office arrested José Manuelwho was identified as the person who stole belongings from the Deputy Gabriela Marin Sanchez in the middle of the crime scene, a few minutes after unknown individuals perpetrated the murder of the legislator on October 5.


The The prosecution obtained a search warrant at the man’s home.where he found a bag belonging to the legislator in which would have carried between 15 and 20 thousand pesos in cash.

The man – a carpenter by trade – was identified after verifying the video surveillance cameras of the State Security Commission.

The theft of the bag occurred in the midst of the presence of elements of the Police Morelos. However, the man took advantage of the confusion to keep the black bag and flee the site.

The Prosecutor Uriel Carmona Gándara released the video in which José Manuel can be seen arriving at the scene of the crime, mixing with the police officers themselves, and then sneaking out of the place with the bag in hand.


Since last week it transpired that this person was arrested for “modify the crime scene”, However, it was not until this Monday that the authorities released images of the theft and elements that link the detainee to various crimes.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office obtained an arrest warrant against José Manuel, completed by personnel from the Criminal Investigation Agency assigned, as well as a search warrant was executed this weekend to search for the evidence.


The attorney general indicated that the judicial order for the crime of aggravated robbery would have been completed, establishing the importance of the stolen evidence that may allow obtaining data that leads to the identification and arrest of those responsible for this femicide, at the time of expand the investigations without modifying the lines of investigation that presume issues related to their work.

The Public Ministry of the Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Investigation and Prosecution of the Crime of Femicide, in a hearing held this Monday, filed an accusation against José Manuel “N” for his alleged responsibility in the crime of qualified robbery, providing the corresponding evidence data; In this sense, the judicial authority imposed house arrest as a precautionary measure while the hearing of connection to the process takes place.

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