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They report that the CJNG has assumed the extortions and collection of flat that the Michoacan Family did in Zitácuaro and Hidalgo – .

According to reports from federal authorities, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has assumed control of several public transport routes Of the municipality of Zitacuaro, displacing La Familia Michoacana that years ago controlled this sector.

According to reports, the criminals do work of “hawk” and they are in charge of collecting the extortion Y floor charge to local businesses.

Seizing these illegal activities cost the municipality of Zitacuaro dozens of lives, because before it was The Michoacan Family the reigning criminal group in Zitácuaro and the eastern Michoacan.

Beheaded taxi and van drivers became common in Zitácuaro and neighboring municipalities such as Gentlemanas part of the struggle of criminal groups for control of the territory.

According to reports, carriers are also in charge of carrying out highway blockades, to hinder the actions of state and federal authorities.

They have also identified local leader of the CJNG a William Edwin Rivera Padillaaliases “the beards“, “The Eagle” me “The X“.

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