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They riddle two in Tecamac and one dies

After the echo, the murderers fled at full speed on their motorcycle, of which no further details were given, and got lost in the streets of the place, without the whereabouts of the aggressors being known so far.

The events were recorded last night, at the corner of Benito Juárez and Hidalgo streets, in the San Martín Azcatepec neighborhood, in this municipality that continues to be the target of the onslaught of crime, to the complacency of elements of the municipal police and state that are conspicuous by their absence.

Police authorities reported that according to the first investigations that were carried out, the now deceased and another subject were at the scene, talking inside a black Dodge Avanger type car, when they were surprised by two subjects traveling on a motorcycle, The same ones who took firearms from their clothes to shoot them repeatedly.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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