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They run over a biker in Taxqueña

On Wednesday morning there was a collision between a car and a motorcyclist at the intersection of Calzada Taxqueña and Avenida Heroica Escuela Naval Militar.

The events took place on the Taxqueña road and the Heroica Avenida Escuela Naval Militar. in the San Francisco Culhuacán neighborhood, Coyoacán mayor’s office.

Emergency services arrived at the mishap, after checking the motorcyclist they determined that he no longer had vital signs, so the place was cordoned off with elements of the Secretary of Citizen Security SSC of Mexico City.

They also requested the presence of the staff of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City FGJ CDMX to learn of the facts and proceed to remove the lifeless body.

Data indicates that there is a detained person who will be investigated to later determine responsibilities.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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