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They secure 593 kilograms of possible cocaine in Chiapas

The Ministry of National Defense informs that, within the framework of the National Public Security Strategy, as well as the Zero Impunity policy of the federal government, on November 24 of this year, personnel from the Mexican Army and the Attorney General’s Office the Republic managed to seize approximately 593 kilograms of possible cocaine, a weapon and a property, as well as the arrest of an individual in the municipality of Tapachula, Chis.

When carrying out intelligence work and inter-institutional coordination to strengthen the rule of law in the country and detect criminal organizations with a presence in said federal entity, the personnel of the Mexican Army learned that presumed members of organized crime were using a property for storage and sale. of drugs

Derived from the above and operational planning, Mexican Army personnel directed their reconnaissance towards Mercantil Street, Col. Feliciano Renault, Mpio. of Tapachula, Chis., managing to locate the property that corresponded to the characteristics obtained.

Upon the arrival of the military personnel, they observed a person leaving said property, who upon noticing their presence, threw a suitcase on the floor and entered the home again, locating 3 packages of possible cocaine inside the aforementioned suitcase, for which reason A security perimeter was established and a technical investigation order was requested from the Attorney General’s Office, and when it was completed, the following was ensured:

  • 593 kg of possible cocaine.
  • 1 long weapon.
  • 1 arrested.
  • 1 property.

The detainee and the insured were made available to the competent authorities, who will carry out the expert confirmation of the type and quantity of drugs.

These activities were carried out in strict adherence to the rule of law, with full respect for human rights, thus preventing these types of addictive substances from affecting the health and comprehensive development of Mexican youth.

With these actions, the Mexican Army endorses its commitment to ensure and safeguard the well-being of citizens, contributing to the Mexican government to guarantee the peace and security of the population.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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